Add a custom Design to your Flowcode

Beautiful designs get higher engagement.

Design matters because it affects us emotionally.

Your brand's personality is rooted in its colors. By learning your way around color combinations, you can design codes that tell your audience exactly who you are.

Check out this video to learn what colors work best together and how to design a Flowcode that is optimized for scans! 

Update Your Code Design

3 Ways to Improve your QR design

1. Make sure your colors match.

What's the easiest way to make sure your colors match? Use the color wheel!

  • Colors across from each other on the wheel are a perfect pair. 

2. Add a logo.

Codes with logos are more trusted and get higher engagement. Let them know where they'll go or add your own!

flowcode (2)

3. Match your Flowcode and scan destination. 

Create a beautiful ecosystem by matching the design on your landing page to your code. We even offer FREE mobile landing pages. Build yours 60 seconds and send your audience anywhere, anytime.  


Did you know? 

Looking at curved lines helps to relax us, whether those lines are found in an archway, the back of a sofa, or on a circular QR code… Just saying. 
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Design you Flowpage

Your free mobile landing page is the easiest way to show your brand and feature your content! 

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Custom Branded Codes

Flowcode Pro users get a free custom branded QR code made by one of our amazing in-house designers.

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